Consistently Improving

"If I have a hard training session on Monday and have hyperbaric treatment in the afternoon, I can train on Tuesday and don't have the same levels of fatigue and muscle soreness. Since I have started using the hyperbaric chamber I have noticed that I am recovering from my intense training sessions much faster with reduced muscle soreness, reduced fatigue, and generally feeling more energised. This has been clearly portrayed in my running and cycling times which are now consistently improving and I am feeling much stronger"

Emma Mackie, Havelock North, Triathlete


From 'chemo zombie' to my old self

“I used the Hyperbaric chamber to recover from chemotherapy.  My family observed that the difference was remarkable!  Within just two treatments I went from a ‘chemo zombie’ to my old self - in fact better than my old self!  On top of the obvious mental clarity and energy I also experienced other positive changes such as improved skin quality, reduction in scar tissue, improved circulation, increased alkalinity and even improved eye-sight.  I would recommend Hyperbaric treatment highly to anyone with any health problems - or even for general wellness”.

Hayley Brown, Paraparaumu

Deborah received hyperbaric treatment at Health Evolution for radiation and chemotherapy recovery.




More connected to us all

"Since beginning hyperbaric treatments we noticed subtle changes after about two weeks. Pete is non-verbal however his language has improved with the treatment. He is less anxious, listens better and is generally a happier boy and more connected to all of us. Ina is very supportive of us and Pete showed very early on that he was comfortable in this environment"

Cathy Eden, mum of Peter, Napier



Sally received hyperbaric treatment at Health Evolution at Kapiti Coast