Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been proven useful in treating a host of sports-related injuries. Conditions such as concussion, post concussive syndrome, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and rapid recovery of broken bones, muscle and ligament damage benefit well from HBOT. Many professional athletes currently use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy while actively playing sports and after retirement.

“You get increased oxygenation, decreased swelling, and decreased inflammation, all from one treatment”, Dr. Rossignol commented. “If a drug did this, a pharmaceutical company would make quite a bit of money.” 

“Battling toxicity and its ravaging effects on our bodies has become a critical health concern in our modern society,” stated Dr. Kyle Vandyke, Medical Advisor to the International Hyperbarics Association. “Our industrial progress presents itself as a double-edged sword. We may benefit greatly from our technological advancements, but we now are left to deal with the toxic side effects. Personal hyperbaric therapy has become a critical treatment for detoxing the body.”

Even if you don’t take a daily pounding on the playing field, personal hyperbaric therapy still has major health benefits. On a psychological level, a one-hour personal hyperbaric treatment triggers the brain to release serotonin that generates a feeling of serenity and peace. Physically, as a person ages, basic stress on the body produces a constant inflammatory response that eventually wears out the joints, muscles, vital organs, and even brain cells. Personal hyperbaric therapy’s anti-inflammatory properties help alleviate the inflammation that wears out the body.

Daniel Rossignol, Medical Doctor and Hyperbaric Specialist equated an hour treatment in a personal hyperbaric chamber to taking 40 Motrin, without the toxic response.